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Do you want to start playing at an online casino for real money without having to make any deposits? It sounds like someone is yanking your chain, right? It’s not a joke and it can be something that you’re able to do right now! You see, online casinos have no deposit bonus codes that they give out. These will give you free money to play with, without making any deposits.

Of course, it’s important to play at an online casino that you can trust so that you know the no deposit bonus is legit. That’s where comes in. With our bonus lists, you’ll get the most informative and transparent information about the most popular online casinos offering no deposit bonus codes. You’ll have your pick of the bunch and will get to take a casino’s free money in and start playing their games.

At, we have a team of online casino experts who have spent the most part of their professional careers looking for the best online casinos around. This includes the best online casinos that offer no deposit bonus codes and promotions, giving players the chance to play for free with real money. There’s no need to make any deposits whatsoever!

Claiming a No Deposit Bonus

When you manage to find an online casino sporting a no deposit bonus promotional code or giveaway, you should count yourself pretty lucky. These types of bonuses used to be rather popular in the past, but since then casinos have been running these types of promotions less and less.

Should you happen to find one though, claiming the no deposit bonus at the casino is relatively simple and easy. The best part of it is that you’ll only need to make an account and verify the email address with which you’ve signed up. This is the absolute minimum that you’ll need to do. If you’re even luckier, you might find a no deposit, no registration casino bonus, and those just allow you to claim without even registering!

Once you’ve signed up at the online casino and shown interest in the no deposit casino bonus, all you’ll need to do is insert the promotional code into the spot when you sign up. If you find that during the sign up, there isn’t actually a spot to insert it, you’ll need to speak to the cashier. Usually this is done relatively quickly and is a straightforward process whether you’re chatting to the cashier or the customer support team.

No Deposit Bonus Casino on Mobile

Claiming these types of bonuses on mobile couldn’t be easier too. While many online casinos have catered to desktop and PC in the past, most online casinos these days use responsive websites. This is where the websites actually resize and cater to different screen sizes depending on what is being used.

As a result of this, many online casinos may actually encourage people to use their mobile devices while playing, which can sometimes result in exclusive promotions. This is another place where no deposit bonus codes will likely be. New online casinos are also ones that may offer these kinds of bonuses. So, if you’re using your mobile, looking for a brand new casino, you might be in luck!

Pros and Cons of a No Deposit Bonus Casino Promotion

The are a number of advantages to using a no deposit bonus casino promotion online. Should you decide to do so and put yourself into the running for a no deposit bonus, then you’ll be in a sweet spot. What you’ll get is a free real money deposit for the casino that you’re playing at, giving you the opportunity to play all of the real games for real money.

The bright side to this is that you’ll be spending and playing for real money without having to sacrifice any of your own money. You’ll be playing with what the casino has given you. With this though, comes a few concessions. You’ll need to work your magic through the playthrough requirement, which will require that you play through a certain amount of real money before you can claim your winnings.

The only negative side of a no deposit casino bonus is the withdrawal amount that you’ll be able to have. Most online casinos will limit your withdrawals to a nominal fee. Some, for example, limit your withdrawal to a few hundred dollars, so if you’re one of the lucky ones that hits a jackpot, you’ll only get to withdraw a fraction of the amount.

Exploring the Options with a No Deposit Bonus

You could classify a no deposit bonus as a few different things. The most common of the no deposit bonuses by far, is the option to get a free sum of money before starting to play. Usually this will be a nominal amount such as $10 or $20, and then you’ll get to use it as you see fit without making any deposits.

At times, the no deposit bonus can come in a few different forms. You may be quite happy with that extra bit of bonus cash that you’ve gained, but you may also be lucky enough to get a few free spins, some free play games or even some cashback.

Bonus Money

This is the most aspect of a no deposit bonus. It will allow a user to claim a small real money bonus on their account without having to make a deposit. Usually it will just require a registration and a verification through email. The downside to this is that the amount of money is usually quite small, and there’s a maximum withdrawal limit.

Free Play

Some online casinos also offer free credits which can be seen as being remarkably similar to the bonus money type of bonus. These are usually attached to a time frame, so will only last a few days, and while these are significantly less common than other no deposit bonuses, they still do appear from time to time.

Free Spins

Instead of getting money or free credits, some online casinos will promote their sites and their games with free spins. There’s nothing quite like getting 100 free spins on the latest and greatest slot from a reputable provider. If you do happen to get these at an online casino, then you’ll likely have a window in which you should use them.


This will require that you actually spend money at the online casino first, but cashback as an option is usually given to members of loyalty programs who spend money and lose in an unlucky way. When this happens, a portion of the money you bet comes back to your account. Money that you didn’t plan on, that is essentially free.

Limitations to a No Deposit Bonus

Limitations to these no deposit bonus casino codes will range across the board, but no matter what they are, it still pays to have them in your arsenal, ready to use. Most times, these no deposit bonus codes will come with higher wagering requirements than you might be used to. If you find that what previously allowed you to withdraw before, doesn’t work now, you know the reason why.

In addition to the wagering requirements being high, they usually only count towards slots. So, if you do plan to play slots and happen to hit it big, each dollar that you spend and earn will likely work in a 1:1 ratio with the wagering requirement. If you were to do the same thing on a table game, you’ll find that the ratio will be different, and you’ll need to play a lot more hands in order to clear the requirements.

It may come as a shock too that some online casinos will limit the types of slots you can play. While this may not sound too significant, it could actually mean the difference between winning and losing. Some slots have a higher RTP percentage than others, and those with lower RTPs are less likely to pay out. This means that if you’re limited to lower RTP slots, you might find it takes a lot longer to meet these requirements.

How Do We Rate Our Top 10

The way that we sort out our list of the best online casinos around is by playing at them ourselves. In our combined years of experience, we’ve come up with a list of features that each online casino needs to focus on in order to make the experience an exceptional one. If a casino managed to check all these boxes satisfactorily, then we will list it on our site.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

The main reason that people shop around for online casinos is because of the bonus offerings. We know that, and that’s why we take care in trying to establish which bonuses work and which ones don’t. There’s nothing wrong with a no deposit bonus code, but if it only lets you withdraw a few dollars after you’ve won, it’s not really worth it. We scrutinize all the finer details to get a broad overview of what’s on offer.

  • Banking Options

Once you’ve managed to find a casino online that you know and trust, and have been able to claim all of the bonuses you want, you should be able to deposit more money to add to your bankroll, and withdraw easily when you get a win. Having a selection of deposit and withdrawal methods is key for having a good time at an online casino. Trusted payment options put users at ease and give you a better feeling of trust about a casino.

  • Security and Safety

Each and every online casino needs to protect your banking information, and your personal information. You should never settle for anything less. All of our listed online casinos will treat your personal information with care and have all your data encrypted on their servers whenever it is stored. The sites use SSL encryption and abide by KYC rules and regulations.

  • Trustworthy Software

Certain online casinos will have different software providers that they use, that will supply them with the games that are at the casino. In doing so, the casino has little control over how fair and trustworthy the games are, and that’s why there needs to be independent audits of the games. All of the sites that we list have games that have been independently audited to ensure they are fair and legitimate.

  • Licensing and Regulation

Licensing at an online casino is absolutely essential and it shows that the casinos are legally allowed to operate in the areas that you play from. All online casinos should have licensing from an authority body such as the UKGC, Kahnawake Gaming Commission or Malta Gaming Authority. In addition to that, eCOGRA is an independent body that certifies that casinos are fair and is a watchdog on the online industry.

  • Customer Support

Should anything go wrong at the worst possible time, that’s okay. When you’re dealing with one of the recommended online casinos on, you’ll be able to find a customer support system that operates for most of the day. Some online casinos even have 24/7 support through email, phone and live chat. Should you not want to chat, there are also extensive FAQ sections that will answer any questions you may have.

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